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DIRECTOR: Mike Corey


Mike Corey fell in love with filmmaking at a young age, when he experienced classics such as “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” and “E.T.” Majoring in Telecommunications and minoring in film at the University of Florida only added to Mike’s love of the art. Unfortunately, real life got in the way and with bills to pay, he made his professional career in live television production.


After becoming a member of the Directors Guild of America, Mike’s television career led him to directing for PBS, AMC, Discovery, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and pilots for NBC, E! and Sony. But the passion for film remained. With his supportive wife and numerous credit cards, Mike decided to forgo film school to write and direct his feature-length debut, “Monotony.” Looking back, Mike feels that the learning experience was much better than the final product. Which was actually the point.


Switching to short films allowed Mike to experiment. With live action he tried everything - from comedy to drama to the supernatural. While his films did well on the festival circuit, playing around the world and winning multiple awards, Mike couldn’t quite find his voice. Frustrated with micro budgets and live-action production difficulties, Mike decided to focus his talents on animation. With a free program and a lot of hard work, he created the character of Peekaboo Petey, star of multiple short films that delighted his nieces, great-nieces and -nephew, and other young fans. He then went on to develop, write, shoot and edit an animated/live-action short starring his nieces as X-Wing Pilots who destroy a new variety of Death Star. But the slow pace of animation and a growing ultra-conservative movement in the U.S. spurred Mike to simultaneously produce shorts for Instagram promoting human rights.


The collision of these two worlds was the catalyst for Mike: he would combine his personal activism with his art. In January of 2022, with the threat of overturning Roe v. Wade looming, Mike started work on a project that would personalize the traumatic impact the loss of healthcare for women poses. The result is the animated short film “Welcome to Texas”.

STARRING: Sarah Brine


When Sarah was younger, she never had any idea of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Until one day she went to see a musical at the Cleveland playhouse in her home state of Ohio. Sarah sat in the very back of the theatre, could hardly see the performers and she loved every second of it. That was the moment she knew she needed to be in theatre and film.


Sarah officially started her journey in the entertainment industry in 2019. Graduating from the New York Film Academy with an Associate's Degree in Acting for Film early 2020. Sarah has starred in several indie feature films, short films and has gotten back into the theatre scene in LA. She is the lead in a musical for Fringe Festival 2023.


Alongside acting, Sarah produces and develops television shows under Hot Pot Productions. She never planned on being a CEO but somehow she has become one. Sarah’s life motto is “do what you love with people you adore.”



A love of music instilled in childhood, a home filled with musical instruments, and a keen aptitude for technology solidified John’s desire at a young age to pursue music professionally.

With a music career spanning 25 years, he continues to successfully diversify his portfolio, scoring unique instrumental compositions and all-electronic soundtracks for film and television, dance and theater companies and the interactive entertainment industry.

As a music major in college, John pursued songwriting and performing—most notably in Los Angeles and Nashville—playing at numerous venues in both locales. Ultimately, he went on to study at the Grove School of Music, and the UCLA Film Scoring Program.

His film-scoring credits range from full-length indy films and documentaries to dramatic shorts and live-action comedy shorts. With every project—whether composing for live-action or animation for film or television—his style of working closely with directors, animators, voice-over artists and actors effortlessly connects the audio with the action.

Throughout his career, he found that his expertise in post-production audio enhanced his work on certain projects. With John providing post-production audio services in addition to music composition, clients found there was a solid sense of continuity to their projects. In 1999 he founded Multimediamuse, an audio recording and post-production company that he still heads today.

John has been a long-time member of ASCAP, the Society of Composers and Lyricists, the Game Audio Network Guild and the National Academy of Songwriters.

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